Hare guidelines

So you want to set a run of the Hoi An Hash and you are looking for a few suggestions? Look no further; here they are. Setting a run is appreciated by all your fellow hashers and marks you out as a positive contributor to the group.

The Hash Mismanagement Committee expects that regular hashers take their turn and do it once every few months. That is all. If the group of regulars is relatively small, you may end up doing it a bit more often.

Before we lose your interest, in short, what is it about?

A hare is someone who sets a run and a walk for the hash. It is nice to go running every week with other hashers, but some guys will have to set the trail. Although this is voluntarily, we do expect that the regulars will set a run once in a while. Decide where the run is going to start from and then set a running trail of 8-10 kilometres and (if you are sure there will be a bunch of walkers) a walking trail of half that distance. That’s it. There is nothing too difficult about it, it is a lot of fun. You have the power to decide where everybody is going to run too and on top of that you don’t have to pay the run fee.

  1. Pick a date

  2. Choose a venue

  3. Choose where to eat after the run

  4. Inform the Hare Razor (currently Peterfile)

  5. Lay a running trail (and a walking trail if you're sure there will be walkers) on the date you chose and make sure it’s done when the run starts.

  6. Decide where to have the drink stop.  Any cafe somewhere in the middle of the run will do. We have a drink and the hash will pay.

  7. Have some cold drinks ready at the starting point. Some water, coke and beer. The hash will reimburse you for the consumed drinks. Use the numbers of hashers who signed up on Facebook as a reference.



Laying a trail

As you have seen on the runs, trails are marked. Otherwise we would not know where to run to. In general, trails are laid with flour. Easy to spot and easy to disappear after the run. Expect to use 5-6 kilos, depending on how well you mark it. On rainy days you may want to use something more sustainable, such as spray paint.

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