After Peterfile moved to Hoi An, a new hash was only a matter of time. The Hanoi Hash is his mother hash and he ran with them for just over 7 years. He had various positions on the mismanagement, such as Hash Flash (2005-2012) and Grand Master (2008-2009). He was co-organiser of the 2006 Post Lube, 2010 Post Lube, 2012 Pre Lube and the 2012 Inter Mekong Hash.
From 2007 to 2012 he was in charge of the Pussy Hash in Hanoi, AKA Hash House Harriettes.
Miss Moneypenis had various positions on the Hanoi committee, such as Hash Bus and Hash Cash.

After a very busy first half year in Hoi An it was time to pick up hashing again. And so a new chapter was born.
At the moment we try to run once a month, on Saturday afternoon. Runs can start from anywhere in Hoi An, it is up to the hares – the ones who set a run. The advantage of Hoi An is that wherever you start, you’re in the countryside within 5-10 minutes.

The Hoi An Hash should have great potential. Apart from the locals and the expat community in Hoi An and Danang there are often visiting hashers from Hanoi and Saigon. And any travelling hasher always checks if there is a hash chapter, wherever they go. Every traveller to Vietnam goes to Hoi An and stays there much longer than anywhere else.

However, reality shows that hashing in Hoi An is not as simple as described in the previous paragraph. We often struggle having enough runners and once in a while even no one would show up.  At the moment (October 2017) things look a bit brighter. There is some more interest and it looks like we're going back to monthly runs.



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